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Advertise your Products & Services in Taxis and Buses
We inform the passengers, and keep a track of the fleets...
Improve convenience to your customers
Integrated camera, improve safety
Cut fuel costs, cut emissions
SXnavo - Plug in to the future of Vehicle Telematics
GPS enabled security System

Engagement Models

Classic agreement

Governed by a Statement of Work (SOW), the classic agreement is the traditional and most utilized model of outright purchase.

Risk mitigation

SXnavo mitigates risk by continuously investing in new execution capabilities to suit your needs. This eliminates capex and one-time expenses from your cost equation. SXnavo variabilizes these costs for its customers through long and short time rental programs.

Gain guarantee

Our gain or economic guarantee allows us to share with you the financial gains obtained through transforming your processes using our pilot program strategies.

Leverage carve-out

Leverage carve-out enables you to variabilize your owned internal processes. SXnavo with its affiliates leverages its best practices and global technology platform to reduce the total cost of operations. This results in a win-win partnership providing unmatched flexibility and expertise, benchmark quality standards, and optimized and aggressive growth opportunities though PPP models.

Value creation

SXnavo is inherently customizable and is flexible to productize a special niche product or service that our customers have perfected over the years. The profits are shared, thereby, making you a revenue center. A special purpose vehicle (SPV) may be created depending on the engagement scale.

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Cargo monitoring

Improve transit time and delivery compliance

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Solid waste management

Difficulty in locating the bins since it is a manual process

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Water tanker fleet

Difficulty in addressing citizens complaints is almost absent

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Trucking management

Improve customer service, operating control and asset utilization

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Assets monitoring

SXnavo solutions improves the productivity of your assets manifold.

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Urban transport tracking

Facilitate timely management of Incidents/Accidents

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School and public transport

SXnavo improves the day-to-day school bus operations by

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Cold chain trucking

A monitoring unit (hardware item) installed inside or outside.

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Radio Taxi and Car Rentals

SXnavo offers radio taxi management solution specifically

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