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Real Time Waste Collection Monitoring System for Mangalore City Corporation

SXnavo was implemented for Offsite Real time Monitoring System (OSRT), Vehicle Tracking Solution and Grievance Redressal. Stesalit implemented the flagship product The 'Clean City System' as a fully integrated solution designed to streamline the administration of waste management and street cleaning operations.

'Clean City System' functionality includes:

  • Contact centre for call management
  • Mobile solutions for real-time communication between office based and mobile teams including missed bins, round itineraries, vehicle checks and work management
  • Domestic collections including rounds management, bin management, missed bins, bins-not-presented, contaminated bins, etc
  • Special/bulky collections including scheduling, vehicle capacity
  • Bin deliveries and asset management
  • Vehicle asset recording and safety checking
  • Dashboard reporting including both operational and performance reports

Bin Location Capturing and Information Collection with GPS and GIS Mobile Based Geo-tagged Bin Image Application
Live Vision of Bin Status on Graphical Mapping Interface

Operators will be able to see the bin location along with legendary (red as filled, green as cleaned and orange as waiting for approval), so they can easily click on the required bins and view their information and if required do their status changes for a single interface.

Bin Status Approval System

The Bin approval system will work along with the Control Room Operators who will be constantly monitoring the request from the field officers for approvals of their bin clearance.

SMS Based Public Grievance Redresal System Vehicle Tracking System

Live Tracking of Vehicle Movement

User can track the vehicle movement in live. One of typical snapshot from our application is as per below:

Real time automatic alert System

  • Route violation
  • Hub/Landmark visited
  • Schedule deviation
  • Excessive stoppage
  • No stoppage
  • Running beyond working hour (to control misuse)

Landmark or Hub creation´Bread Crumbs´ History Playback with travel details for vehicle movement information


  • Vehicle Trip-Distance Report
  • Trip Summary Report
  • Vehicle Stoppage Report
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Cargo monitoring

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Solid waste management

Difficulty in locating the bins since it is a manual process

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Water tanker fleet

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Trucking management

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Assets monitoring

SXnavo solutions improves the productivity of your assets manifold.

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Urban transport tracking

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School and public transport

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Cold chain trucking

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Radio Taxi and Car Rentals

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