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Urban Transport Tracking

ITS include the application of advanced information processing (computers) communications, positioning and control technologies and management strategies in an integrated manner to improve the functioning of the public ransport system. These systems provide real time information to the travellers and increase the safety and efficiency of the ground transportation system.

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School and Public Transport

SXnavo improves the day-to-day school bus operations by providing locational intelligence to monitor and manage the fleet of school buses. With SXnavo installed in the school buses, the school administrators can now easily track the movement of all the buses and also receive alerts for violations such as idling for more than 15 minutes, sudden braking..

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Fare collection system

SXnavo allows our customers to obtain their revenue in a quick, efficient and secure way, with full financial transparency. With the Intelligent Payment Solution providing a low cost of processing transactions while still providing a highly secure and auditable business system, financial controllers will have peace of mind regarding the integrity..

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Transport Scheduling

Because traffic variations, breakdowns, and day-to-day problems faced by transit providers can interrupt service, SXnavo has designed an application to keep your customers on schedule even if their bus isn't. SXnavo uses satellite technology and advanced computer modeling to track vehicles on their routes. SXnavo can estimate vehicle arrivals with a high degree of accuracy. This estimate is updated constantly.

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Vehicle Tracking System

Fuel efficiency - Improve revenue per mile driven (personal trips, routing, and scheduling) Managing Hours - Reduce stoppages and idling, increase customer time

Fuel efficiency - Improve revenue per mile driven (personal trips, routing, and scheduling) Managing Hours - Reduce stoppages and idling, increase customer time

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Assets Monitoring

To know the real time location of Heavy Vehicles, mining equipment on the move, and other industrial assets, their effective utilization hours, driver performance and maintenance report is the prime requirement of every fleet manager. Similarly, Cranes are often dispersed over a wide geographic area, often operating in hard-to-reach off-road locations.

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Cargo monitoring

Improve transit time and delivery compliance

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Solid waste management

Difficulty in locating the bins since it is a manual process

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Water tanker fleet

Difficulty in addressing citizens complaints is almost absent

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Trucking management

Improve customer service, operating control and asset utilization

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Assets monitoring

SXnavo solutions improves the productivity of your assets manifold.

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Urban transport tracking

Facilitate timely management of Incidents/Accidents

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School and public transport

SXnavo improves the day-to-day school bus operations by

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Cold chain trucking

A monitoring unit (hardware item) installed inside or outside.

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Radio Taxi and Car Rentals

SXnavo offers radio taxi management solution specifically

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