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Solutions for Railway System

Microprocessor based Fault Diagnostic and Control System for Locomotives :

    railway solution
  • Complete Fault Diagnostics
  • Automatic Wheel Slip Control and Traction Motor Elimination
  • Unattended Automatic Cranking and Shutdown
  • System Fault & Parameter Recording and Retrieval
  • Downward compatible to existing locomotives for coupling through power couplers for MU Operation.
  • Multiple CPU architecture and true real time operation.
  • In-built Speed Monitoring and Recording Unit
  • User programmable parameter, logic, tractive effort and braking powder
  • On Line Estimation & Display of Load Factor
  • Duel window back lit LCD Display
  • Work from 0 - 70 c and up to 98% RH (non-condensing)
  • Can withstand up to 5g - vibration level
  • Extensive Self diagnostics for internal faults in the system
  • Control Stand Interlocking (Loco can be controlled from only one Control Stand at a time)
  • Wireless radio compatible for remote monitoring & control
  • Real time data transmission for immediate observation of train handling and health monitoring.
  • Continues recoding of snap shot of all input / output/ interlock data during each alarm / fault which can be downloaded to an external computer.

Microprocessor Based Speed & Energy Indicating & recording System

  • Speed in KM/Hr
  • Memory for Last 30 minutes
  • Distance traveled
  • Brake pipe pressure
  • Dynamic brake application
  • Wheel wear adjustment
  • Maximum Speed Limit
  • Auto Calibration facility
  • Memory freeze facility
  • Memory full indicator
  • General Use: Locomotive Engines in Railways & Mines.

Vigilance Control Device

Salient Features
  • Driving activities like notch operation, horn, sander, loco brake, train brake etc. are taken as input signals for VCD operation for checking driver activity
  • Warns the driver with audio visual alarm if normal driving activity is not observed within a predefined time period
  • Application of Penalty Brake in case of absence of driving crew
  • Cab specific Indication and Liquid Crystal Display for showing current status of VCD
  • Records data of events with time stamp for data analysis, if required
  • Windows-based data extraction and analysis software for report generation
  • Keypad interface for displaying recent events with time stamp
  • Bypass arrangement in case of VCD failure.


  • Safety of train in case of absence of driving crew
  • To create alertness in driving crew for safe train movement
  • Data analysis for management review in case of train derailment/accident
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Cargo monitoring

Improve transit time and delivery compliance

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Solid waste management

Difficulty in locating the bins since it is a manual process

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Water tanker fleet

Difficulty in addressing citizens complaints is almost absent

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Trucking management

Improve customer service, operating control and asset utilization

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Assets monitoring

SXnavo solutions improves the productivity of your assets manifold.

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Urban transport tracking

Facilitate timely management of Incidents/Accidents

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School and public transport

SXnavo improves the day-to-day school bus operations by

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Cold chain trucking

A monitoring unit (hardware item) installed inside or outside.

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Radio Taxi and Car Rentals

SXnavo offers radio taxi management solution specifically

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